Four Signs Your Alternator Needs Help

Four Signs Your Alternator Needs HelpIgnoring the common signs of alternator damage could leave you stranded at your workplace’s parking lot or on the side of the road. Keep your senses sharp and help in for auto repair anytime you spot one of these four symptoms.

Watch the dashboard for icons labeled ALT, GEN, or shaped like a battery. Lights in any of these indicators show that something is interfering with the power system that helps your car start. Of course, you have to replace the bulbs to keep them reliable.

Lynnwood drivers should stop in for auto service if their car is having a hard time turning over, especially on cold mornings. Both battery and alternator problems need prompt attention from a professional to make sure they don’t interrupt your commute or your attempts to run errands.

Dimming or unresponsive headlights also indicate a lack of power. When the alternator wears down, it fails to recharge the battery as you drive. Headlights can become so dim they’re unsafe to use.

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