Fuel System Service in Everett

fuel system service in MukilteoThe fuel system of any vehicle is crucial to its overall performance. Just like any other moving part of a vehicle, it is essential that drivers take notice if an issue is present. Some signs that a vehicle needs fuel system service in Everett are highlighted here.

A dirty fuel system is one of the most common issues with vehicles. Signs that this is the issue include rough idling; an engine that is pinging or knocking; decreased fuel economy; issues with cold starts; hesitation with acceleration; a throttle pedal that sticks; and poor performance. If these issues are present, then a simple fuel system cleaning may be all the vehicle needs.

Fuel system cleanings will trap any dirt or other contaminates that are causing the poor performance and help the vehicle be restored to superior levels. When the fuel filter is clogged it will eventually lead to the failure of the fuel pump, which is much more costly to repair, than just a fuel system cleaning. It is highly recommended that fuel filters are replaced every 15,000 up to 30,000 miles.

If a driver fails to invest in this cleaning on the regular basis, chances are the repairs that are necessary will be more expensive and extensive.

The good news is that Conway Motors is available to help. When the fuel system is being repaired and cleaned, this is also the perfect time to have other vehicle systems checked, such as the brakes.

Our experienced technicians will check all major vehicle systems to ensure that there are no additional issues present. Conway Motors offers superior fuel system service in Everett and drivers can find out more information by calling us today at (425)905-2424.