Get Your Car Service in Mukilteo

Get Your Car Service in MukilteoConaway Motors is a great place to get your car service in Mukilteo. Our business motto is that we are the auto repair shop where honesty is not left by the side of the road. Honesty is usually sound policy for any business, but when it comes to automobile repairs, fair, honest pricing and responsible labor is an important part of gaining repeat customers. Conaway Motors is a family run business specializing in foreign made vehicles, but they have the skills for American-made cars and trucks, as well.

Car service is one of those areas where honesty is truly important. It falls under the maintenance category of automotive expense and includes things like getting an oil change, checking and changing transmission fluid, checking the spark plugs, distributor (or equivalent) and installing new, clean oil and fuel filters. During the course of this sort of maintenance, the mechanic might notice problems that are about to emerge, such as needing new belts or hoses or observing a small leak around the spark plug on one piston. These are things that the scrupulous mechanic will bring to the owner’s notice, but will not attempt to repair without the owner’s go-ahead. With the best of intentions, it should be noted, your mechanic might not observe every little thing that is about to go wrong on your vehicle. It is important to know your car or truck’s normal sounds and to be able to accurately describe changes in its performance.

Conaway Motors is a great place to get your car service in Mukilteo, just call us at (425)905-2424 to set up an appointment today. We will perform the requested services at a fair and reasonable price, and always we will consult with you before addressing any other repairs.