Hire ASE Master Certified Technicians For Auto Service in Mukilteo

Hire ASE Master Certified Technicians For Auto Service in Mukilteo

At Conaway Motors, we believe in providing a better and more comfortable customer experience for our clients. That is one reason why you will find our service is the most loved among all other auto service in Mukilteo.

If your car starts acting up, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell what type of service your car requires. With car repair and service shops like ours, getting the best TLC for your vehicle is easy. However, there are still certain things you can do to keep your car running smoothly. 

Tips From Car Repair Experts: Things You Should Never Do

Keeping your engine in good shape is what will give you a smooth drive. It also helps you get a better resale value if you ever decide to sell your car. 

If you want to keep your car happy and healthy, here are some tips you should follow: 

  • Do not ignore any kind of warning lights in your car
  • Do not drive an overheated car
  • Do not postpone a service 
  • Do not mix up fluids
  • Do not ignore leakages or smells coming from your vehicle
  • Never let your car sit idle for longer than 2-3 days
  • Never race your car’s engine during start-up
  • Do not drive around with broken wipers or other parts
  • Replace the filters on schedule
  • Do not ignore noises coming from the car
  • Don’t over-accelerate or drive fast in extremely cold or hot weather conditions
  • Do not drive with defective or worn-out tires

You may not know how to repair a car but now you know how to avoid damaging your car. Follow these tips and reduce the need for repairs or the risk of mishaps occurring with your vehicle. 

To get the most benefits on auto service in Mukilteo, visit Conaway Motors. For more details on our services, call (425) 905-2424.