How Do You Know When to Change Your Brakes

The braking system of the automobile is the most important part of the car. It provides the means for you to stop the vehicle while it is in motion. The braking system is also the one system that takes a lot abuse each and every day as people stomp on the brake pedal and forget to release the emergency brake handle. It only stands to reason that your car will need some kind of Brake Service in the near future. In order to know when your car’s braking system needs to be repaired it is essential that you be able to notice the signs when repair is needed.Brake Repair

Each braking system has little parts that must work together for it to work properly. The most common part that everyone knows about is the brake pads. The pads are the one piece that connects with the wheel to help stop the car. If the pads are worn out enough they will begin to squeal. The squeal is caused by a piece of metal that rubs the wheel if the pads get to worn out. Once you hear this sound it is time for Everett Brake Repair.

Another indicator that your brakes are in need of repair is the brake fluid reservoir. The reservoir is usually full when the pads are new. The pedal, pads and reservoir work under a pressure system. As the brake pads wear out the fluid in the reservoir will begin to lower. If the reservoir is empty there is a good chance that your pads need replacing. A low reservoir can also be a sign of a leak should you find that your pads are new. Everett Brake Maintenance should be performed soon to prevent a future accident.

 Some cares come equipped with drum brakes that are very different from the disc braking system. Disc brakes are grabbed by the pads to stop the car; drum brakes push out from the wheel to stop the car from moving. The best way to know if your drum brakes need to be serviced is to notice if your car jerks when coming to a stop. Drum brakes can become warped over time. Your mechanic can usually turn the drums so they work better. If the mechanic finds that the drums are too worn, they will have to replace them with new drums.

 The braking system of your car is essential for safety. If you find any signs that it needs to be serviced, then make sure to get it done right away, Brake Maintenance is a very important part of automotive service.