How to Avoid Emergency Exhaust Repair in Marysville

Emission Srvice in Mill CreekConaway Motors would like to share with you how to avoid emergency exhaust repair in Marysville. Not that you are any more likely to need such repairs in Marysville than anywhere else, but if you are in that area we can help with repairs if you need them.

We might be cutting down on our business by sharing these tips about avoiding emergency exhaust repair, but we are dedicated to the idea that our customers should be safe on the road and that saving you money will help us make money in the long run. Your exhaust system is on the underside of your vehicle, so one of the first things you can do to avoid emergency repairs is to be careful about straddling unexpected objects in the road. Some very odd things can fall off other vehicles this time of year, including items such as large chunks of wood for stoves and fireplaces. Scraping the underside of your vehicle, such items can damage your muffler and tail pipe. Avoid coasting down an incline to start your vehicle’s motor. This can cause backfiring, which can damage the muffler. Watch out for places where freezing and thawing have created potholes. Potholes can not only endanger your exhaust system, they can also be rough on your axles and could even put a hole in the gas tank.

At Conaway Motors, it is our pleasure to share with you how to avoid emergency exhaust repair in Marysville, but call us at (425)905-2424 if you need help. We can take care of any holes, splits, ruptures or replace parts if necessary. Your exhaust system is an important part of your vehicle since it limits both emissions and noise.