The timing belt in your car which connects the Crankshaft and the Camshaft, allowing the two engine shafts to work in perfect synchronicity. When the timing belt breaks, the engine stops and will not run again without a new timing belt.

With some cars, when the timing belt breaks, the engine stops immediately and is not able to function. In other vehicles, the engine continues to operate and engine valves can get smashed, bent, and destroyed. It is important to get your timing belt changed and inspected at regular intervals in order to avoid further damage or cost.

. Both use and age deteriorate a timing belt and if your timing belt breaks and destroys engine valves you will have an expensive repair vs. the cost of simply changing the timing belt before it breaks.

Timing belt replacement before the timing belt breaks is a proactive repair that will keep your car running smoothly. It is always recommended to keep your car maintenance up to date and getting the timing belt replaced is important.

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