Importance of a 60K Mile Service in Mill Creek

Importance of a 60K Mile Service in Mill CreekConaway Motors reminds our customers of the importance of a 60K Mile Service in Mill Creek. That might seem redundant, especially if you have had regular maintenance checkups. But if you bring your odometer reading to your auto mechanics attention, he or she might take a closer look at important systems. This is especially important as many vehicle owners are finding it economical to maintain their vehicles, rather than to replace them.

The 60K mile service includes systems and fluids that might need repair sooner than that, but which will definitely gain scrutiny at this time. These can include changing engine coolant and differential fluid. Although coolant is often topped up, it is not ordinarily changed out during an ordinary checkup.  Many systems will be checked, but a few that might need attention or changing out parts include timing belt, valve adjustment, spark plugs, brake pads and the drive belt. In fact, a 60K mile service can include more ordinary maintenance, such as replacing tires, changing oil if it has not happened recently, changing transmission fluid – again if it has not been done recently, and checking and changing out other belts, tubes and all manner of filters. It is also a time to make sure that your vehicle has received all the parts recall services that have transpired since its last service visit.

Conaway Motors understands that it is likely that you take good care of general maintenance for your vehicle. But we know that the 60K Mile service in Mill Creek is important to vehicle owners who wish to preserve their vehicle, either because it is one of their favorite rides or as an economy. Either way, we can take care of those important maintenance items that go with this milestone, just call (425)905-2424.