Is It Time For A 90k Mile Tune-Up Service Near Mill Creek This Winter?

Is It Time For A 90k Mile Tune-Up Service Near Mill Creek This Winter?

Does your car seem to run slower, more sluggish in the wintertime? It happens. Fortunately, Conaway Motors offers a 90k mile tune-up service near Mill Creek, even during the winter months. This tune-up, alongside other remedial and preventative services, will help your car stay in tip-top condition for the foreseeable future. Or at least until the snow melts and you need another round of automotive maintenance and care.

Most car manufacturers suggest that the average driver get their car tuned up every 30,000 miles. Tune-ups are to automobiles what doctors’ visits are to people. They are checkups for your car to ensure that everything runs in top-notch shape. Tune-ups are essential to your car’s performance for the long-term, especially if you have a job, such as a mail carrier or package courier, where you drive your own car frequently.

How Long Does a 90k Mile Tune-Up Take?

Time for maintenance and preventative care for your car will depend on the kinds of issues that a technician encounters, as well as the make and model of your vehicle. Newer cars are equipped with smart technology that requires more tech-savvy care, while older vehicles (25 years and older) often have more issues.

The average tune-up service can take anywhere from two to four hours. It’s rare for tune-up services to exceed four hours unless there’s a long wait or an issue with the car.

Does Your Car Ever Need a Tune-Up Before the 30,000 Mile Markers?

In some cases, you may notice that your car has issues, such as the aforementioned sluggishness in the winter. This is an indicator that your car will need a tune-up sooner than the 30,000-mile markers. Other indicators include:

  • Slow acceleration or difficulty starting the engine.
  • Frequent stalls (if your car is a manual transmission).
  • Weird sounds, vibrations, or grinding noises.
  • Bad or consistently lowering gas mileage.

To schedule a 90k mile tune-up service near Mill Creek, give us a call at Conaway Motors – (425) 905-2424.