Is It Time for Volkswagen Muffler Repair?

Just turning up the music is not considered proper muffler repair. Sure, it will partially drown out the noise…for you, anyway – but there are other considerations concerning a leaky muffler. Your best option is to call Mukilteo Muffler Repair to investigate and repair/replace your muffler as indicated.

To extend the life of your muffler, specialists advise regular inspection of your muffler. Inspection is especially important during the winter months. This is because the severe weather and road conditions cause extreme stress on the muffler. Inspection is quite simple, even if you determine that there is a problem that you can’t repair yourself.

Not only is there a concern with audible differences with a bad muffler, the internal environment of the passenger compartment of your vehicle can be at risk. The muffler keeps the engine’s exhaust fumes from entering the occupied space of your car. The danger of exhaust fumes is that not only are they clear, the smell can be masked by odors from outside. Left un-repaired, a leaky muffler can be catastrophic, especially to children and the elderly. A muffler leak may cause:

  • Allergy-like symptoms
  • Watery Eyes
  • Coughing
Muffler Inspection

To inspect your muffler, first allow engine to cool completely before completing visual inspection as follows:

  1. Using correctly sized floor jack or automobile ramp, securely raise vehicle. To avoid injury or death, be certain that vehicle  is properly secured.
  2. Don proper safety gear: work gloves and safety goggles.
  3. Locate the muffler; it is the final chamber of the exhaust system, just before the tail pipe(s).
  4. Run hands over entire surface of muffler, feeling for rust penetration, dents, etc.
  5. Using a flashlight, do a complete visual inspection of muffler.
  6. Check every exhaust hangar for entire system (usually thick rubber loops holding the system to the underside of the car).
  7. Replace any worn, broken or missing hangars to reduce stress on exhaust system.
  8. Check flanged sections of muffler where it connects to the exhaust system (either end).
Although you may be able to diagnose your muffler, chances are you may need to have repairs made by Mukilteo Muffler Service & Repair. You can perform this inspection each season (every 3 months) to catch any problems immediately. Be certain to inspect your muffler especially after harsh winter driving!