Keep Cool in Your Car All Year Long

Keep Cool in Your Car All Year Long

For auto air conditioning service in Mill Creek, you can count on Conaway Motors. We are an AAA-Approved auto air conditioning service, passing stringent requirements that must be met to get their seal of approval. Rest assured that we will do great with your upcoming air conditioning service!

Auto A/C

The air conditioning system in your car changes the state of refrigerant from a liquid to a gas and back. As the refrigerant changes its state, it absorbs heat and humidity from the car and blows out cool air. Newer cars, and most European cars, use a refrigerant called R-1234yf. This refrigerant is safe for humans and the environment.

The parts of your auto a/c include a compressor, a condenser, a dryer, a metering device, and an evaporator. The evaporator is located inside the dashboard. The rest of the system is located under the hood.

A leak will cause the refrigerant to leave the system, and it won’t work correctly. With not enough refrigerant, the compressor could overheat and break down. The condenser needs a steady flow of air to it. If the condenser fans are clogged with debris, they can fail, and the condenser won’t work.

Auto Air Conditioning Service in Mill Creek

On the off seasons, Conaway Motors can do a routine maintenance auto air conditioning service in Mill Creek. This will ensure that your air conditioning system works well, starting with the very first hot day of the year. In the middle of the summer, we can work to repair your auto air conditioner as quickly as possible so you can start driving in comfort again. Call us today for the best AAA-certified auto service in the area at (425) 905-2424.