Keep up with your Auto Repair in Mukilteo

Conaway Motors can help you to keep up with your auto repair in Mukilteo. Keeping your vehicle in good repair can extend the its operating life.

Auto Repair in Mukilteo

This is the story of a postponed repair that was nearly a disaster. It was a late and blustery Sunday evening when two roommates, who were sharing a vehicle set out to get RM #1 to a week-long job. Lightning tore across the sky, and the rain came sheeting down in a curtain that cut visibility to two car lengths or less, and wind shook the vehicle threatening to push it off the road. The little Ford Ranger, which was overdue for its yearly tune-up, struggled valiantly through the storm. At one point, it gave a little hiccup, then continued on. RM#2 dropped off RM#1 and returned home – nearly a three hundred mile round trip. Upon being checked, the little truck needed a head gasket – which was taken care of. But that very night it stalled out in a parking lot as RM#2 was leaving work. The vehicle received a jump from another employee, and made it on home. Money was tight, so checking for the new problem was delayed. Once checked on a conveyer while being sprayed with cold, salty water to simulate driving conditions, it was discovered that the plastic cover for the ignition coil was cracked in two places! Combined with the leaking oil from the head gasket, this could easily have caused the engine to catch fire.

Don’t let this be you. Conaway Motors has trained technicians who can take care of your auto repair in Mukilteo before you must drive through wind and storm. Just call us at (425)905-2424 to do routine maintenance before it can turn into an emergency.