Keep up with your Oil Change Service in Mukilteo

Conaway Motors can help you keep up with your oil change service in Mukilteo. An oil change is probably one of the most important service items, and one of the least expensive, for an internal combustion engine.

Oil Change Service in Mukilteo

An oil change service usually includes draining out the old oil, changing the oil filter and adding new oil. The oil not only lubricates the moving parts, it picks up dirt, grime and tiny metal particles that wear away as the engine operates. After a time, the oil becomes so full of this gunk that it no longer does its job. The oil filter collects some of it, but after a time it also becomes too full of crud to continue doing its job. Some vehicles need to have their oil changed seasonally, as well as after a certain amount of time or number of miles traveled. Heavier oils or lighter oils are required according to the season. Costs for this service do vary from time to time, but as a rule it is relatively inexpensive. Furthermore, it can save you big bucks by preventing problems. Letting your vehicle run low on oil or failing to change the oil for long periods of time can damage your vehicle’s motor.

Conaway Motors can easily help you to keep up with your oil change service in Mukilteo. Just give us a call at (425)905-2424 to set up a time for your oil change today. It is one of the most important auto maintenance events for your vehicle, and it is a case of spending a little money to save a lot. We’ll be glad to take care of it for you.