Least Expensive Auto Maintenance – Oil Change!

 oil change service in EverettYou can get your oil change service in Everett at Conaway Motors. An oil change is one of the least expensive and most vital auto maintenance things that you can do for your vehicle.

Motor oil lubricates moving parts and protects them from friction. Over time, however, even with good lubrication, metal parts shed minute particles into the oil. On top of this engines manage to pick up dirt and grime. All of these things add up to your motor oil becoming an abrasive substance instead of a smooth, protective lotion for your engine’s moving parts. In addition, the oil filter, which is intended to remove particles from the oil, eventually becomes clogged. At that point, the oil is routed around the filter instead of through it, so dirty oil circulates through your automobile’s motor. An oil change involves draining out all the old oil, exchanging the used filter for a new one, and refilling the motor with new oil. At this point, the old oil needs to be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Our mechanics can take care of all of these things for you. Changing your oil regularly encourages your motor to work smoothly, preventing disastrous seizing that could send a rod through the motor block.

You can get your oil change service in Everett at Conaway Motors, just call (425)905-2424 to set up an appointment. Our responsible mechanics will manage the entire process, making it easy for you to take care of this simple, but vital, maintenance detail. As auto maintenance goes, it is inexpensive and the benefits – ranging from better gas mileage to preservation of your vehicle’s motor – are immense. Time for an oil change can creep up on you, so check the sticker on the inside of your vehicle’s door or take a look at the dipstick to see if it is time.