Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Fuel System

fuel system service in Mill Creek Once we add gasoline or diesel fuel to our vehicles, we rarely think about how that magic fluid makes the car go; it just does. However, it is important to have routine fuel system service in Mill Creek completed to ensure that you maximize your fuel economy and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Over time, fuel system parts can wear, accumulate dirt and other contaminants and cause a multitude of issues. Periodic evaluation is necessary for optimum performance. Conaway Motors has ASE certified mechanics who are equipped to work on a wide variety of fuel systems in various vehicle makes and models.

Our Fuel system service includes a careful and thorough inspection of all components, and consists of:

  • We will check to be sure that fuel lines are in good condition, with no cracks or leaks.
  • Fuel injector cleaner will be used to clear debris from the injector.
  • Our technicians will perform a throttle body service.
  • The fuel induction system will be cleaned.
  • Any problems such as engine noises, hard starts, hesitation and rough idling will be addressed as needed.
  • We will use an in-tank fuel system cleaner to clean the fuel tank.

If repairs or replacement are required, we will explain exactly what is wrong, provide those services at an affordable cost and will get you back on the road in no time.

Trust Conaway Motors with your fuel system service in Mill Creek. Contact us today at 425-905-2424 for questions about your vehicle’s fuel system or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you.