Make Sure Your Car’s Brakes are in Tiptop Shape for Summertime!

Make Sure Your Car’s Brakes are in Tiptop Shape for Summertime!While many components on your car make it safer, more secure, and more comfortable, nothing compares to the duty of your brakes. They carry a heavy load (literally) and big responsibilities, so it’s essential to keep them in tiptop shape with routine brake inspections and preventative care in Bothell. The wear and tear of your brakes depend on many factors, such as age and use. And brakes deteriorate at different rates. If someone works a job where they drive around and make frequent stops, like package delivery drivers, their automobile’s brakes will break down quicker. At the same time, a daily commuter on the highway will have better brakes over the same amount of time because they stop less.

Summer has been in full swing for over a month, and it’s the perfect time to bring your car into Conaway Motors for inspection on your brakes. You may have gone to more places this summer, like swimming pools and beaches, to beat the heat with shade and water, but your car doesn’t have that luxury. Your car can’t go somewhere to soothe its tired, overused brakes, which is why upkeep with inspections is necessary.

Brake pads last up to 50,000 miles, or at least what many of them are engineered to withstand. There are environmental and driving style factors, but your brakes should be checked every 30,000 miles when you bring your vehicle in for 30,000-mile tune-up services.

You Can Bring Your Car in for Brake Inspections if You Experience Signs of Problems!

If you are experiencing brake problems, don’t hesitate to contact Conaway Motors in Bothell at (425) 905-2424. Give us a buzz about routine brake inspections and preventative care!