Mercedes Service

Finally, you have your dream car. Your Mercedes Benz is a world-class standard for excellence in automotive engineering, automotive luxury and automotive performance. If you want to keep your car running as smooth as it did when you drove it off the dealer’s lot make sure you follow the Mercedes Service schedule as described in your owner’s manual.

In fact, whether your Mercedes is new or previously owned, scheduled maintenance is the best way to keep your running efficiently. However, owning a Mercedes is not the same as owning as a yacht, you can and should ask yourself about maintenance costs and repairs.

Why pay the exorbitant charges that dealerships levy. You can have Mercedes service as good as from the dealership at neighborhood prices.

Our Everett Mercedes service facility has all the sophisticated diagnostic equipment required to service your car. Our service technicians are experienced and ASE certified. Our Mercedes service center is licensed and insured. We provide the same services as a Mercedes dealership at a lower cost. If your car is under warranty, having it serviced by us will Mercedes Service Everettkeep your warranty in full force and effective, just like the dealer’s service.

We not only perform the services required at factory suggested intervals, we also inspect every aspect of your car to make sure that all systems are operating properly. We also top off fluids and make sure there are no leaks.

As with all cars, Mercedes Service Everett will keep your car running at it’s best. Car owners that do not follow the maintenance schedule set out by Mercedes are apt to see their mile per gallon lower and are more prone to break down. Scheduled service keeps your investment running well and helps to avoid costly repairs.

Mercedes are complex engineered machines. Even the best drive way mechanic is out of their depth attempting to give even basic maintenance to a Mercedes. Without the needed computer diagnostics, driveway maintenance cannot be successful. Bring your Mercedes to us for service.

In the event your Mercedes needs repair our shop can do it as well as a dealer. The only difference you will notice is that you saved enough money to enjoy a great dinner out. Call us now to schedule your Mercedes Service or to get an estimate for repairs.