Mini Service and Repair

Those that drive Mini Coopers want to make sure it’s just as nice  as the day you drove it off the dealer’s lot. To make sure your vehicles in good hands when getting repaired or serviced,  have your Mini Cooper Service done by a qualified Everett Mini service and repair shop. The place you go to have your Mini Cooper service should have the capabilities of doing all of the following:

  • Routine scheduled maintenance per manufacturer
  • Tune ups and oil changes
  • Diagnosis and repair of engine problems
  • Computer diagnostics and electronics
  • Brake system repair
  • Suspension and steering repair
  • Clutches and transmission diagnostics and repair
  • Heating and air conditioning service

Following are some suggestions for you to discuss with your chosen Everett Mini service and repair shop:

  1. For your Mini Cooper to stay at top performance change your spark plugs at the interval recommended by the manufacturer.
  2. High-quality synthetic motor oil is available at all Mini Cooper service shops. Using it reduces engine friction and helps extend engine life
  3. Between oil changes check the oil level yourself when filling us with gas. Low oil could be a sign of a problem. If the oil is low take your car to your Mini Cooper service and repair shop immediately.
  4. Maintain tire pressure for the best mileage. Check it often with an inexpensive tire gauge.

When selecting a Everett Mini service shop it is important that they have experience in handling Mini Coopers. Ideally, the Mini Cooper repair shop has a Mini Cooper factory certified ASE technician to work on your car. Routine parts such as belts, transmission fluid and the like should be in stock, and other parts easily sourced. To correctly diagnose and service your Mini, a Mini Cooper service facility has to have the correct computer and electronic diagnostic equipment. They should also be state licensed as well as bonded and insured. The Mini Cooper service and repair shop ought to put the cost of service and/or repair in writing. If the actual work they perform will be more than the quote they should contact you before continuing with the work.

Proper maintenance will keep your car as sprightly as the day you got it. It is also the key to avoiding costly engine repairs. Schedule your Mini repair and service Everett today.