If you own a Mitsubishi car and its timing belt has reached the specified time of maintenance interval, do not wait until it is worn out. Have it changed at the Mitsubishi Timing Belt Replacement Service in Everett. Replacing a timing belt is not only necessary when it has reached the maintenance interval, but it is also required to be changed to ensure that it does not break and leave you stranded.

The timing belt is essential to the car’s engine performance. The timing belt connects the two main shafts of the engine: the crankshaft and the camshaft. The timing belt makes these two shafts turn together at the right time. This makes other components in the motor rotate and engage at the right time as well.

Your car needs the right belt that should be installed accurately with the correct timing. If the belt is installed improperly or if the belt slips, there is a possibility that the valves can cause damage to the tops of the pistons. This will result in a costly repair but can easily be avoided if the right maintenance is strictly followed.

To avoid unexpected breakage of your timing belt, you should follow the recommended maintenance interval of the timing belt and not wait until it is worn out. Please contact Conaway Motors for more information about Mitsubishi Timing Belt Replacement Service in Everett at 425-905-2424.