Mukilteo Auto Air Conditioning Service

Mukilteo Auto Air Conditioning ServiceConaway Motors has your Mukilteo auto air conditioning service. Summer is a wonderful time to travel, see the sights, and just get out of the house for a while – but not if your vehicle turns into an oven on wheels. Metal and glass both magnify heat, which is great if you want to cook an egg but not if you want to have a fun vacation.

Heat and travel have long been two problems that travelers had to solve. There is a story about when the Earp brothers were traveling across the desert lands in the United States. One of the women in the wagon train remarked how much she would love to have a cold glass of milk. One of the men brought to her a cup filled with milk. But when she tried to drink it, she discovered that it was fresh goat’s milk, which was far too warm and too rich to actually drink. The man thought it was funny. Even today, with modern vehicles, traveling across areas such as the salt flats in Utah is a challenge. Getting stranded there can be deadly. Your summer travel kit should always include plenty of potable water, sun screen and some way to create shade. Goat milk comes in cans these days, if you feel you really should have some, you can pack that, too.

Call Conaway Motors at (425)905-2424 for your Mukilteo auto air conditioning service. We have the licensed technicians who can take care of your air conditioner, and we also have mechanics who can give your vehicle a once-over to get it travel-ready. It is our goal to help you to not need that emergency kit, but if you are crossing the desert being prepared is always a good plan.