New Drivers and Manual Transmissions

Clutch Repair in EverettMost people need to learn how to drive to function in a modern society. There are few places in the world where a person can get along without car or driving, such as big cities that make it easy to use public buses, taxis and subways. However, most areas still require some kind of automotive transportation to get around or work, so car driving is a basic, required skill.  For this reason, clutch repair in Everett is a necessity for those drivers just learning how to drive a manual transmission vehicle for the first time.

One of the dying skills that still rears its head in the oddest spots is knowing how to drive a manual transmission vehicle. Those who expect to drive trucks or big vehicle still deal with this skill regularly, but average car driving is shifting over to automatic transmissions on a wide scale basis. As a result, its’ getting harder and harder to find a stick shift car situation that requires training. Yet if a person wants to be a good driver, knowing how to drive a stick is still critical. So many friends and relatives offer their cars when possible to show how. Unfortunately, no one seems to realize how much damage can occur with the clutch doing so.

As most people who have learned how to drive on a manual transmission remember, doing it wrong either causes the car engine to die or creates a really ugly grinding noise. Enough “mistakes” and a person eventually learns how to drive a car. Unfortunately, it can also put the nail in the coffin of a clutch. Because that part is designed to take abuse in shifting gears to save the engine, it suffers even more when being used by a new driver. The result is a destroyed clutch in a very short time.

Fortunately, for those in Everett, WA, Conaway Motors can help, having repaired hundreds of clutches and rebuilt them as well. So if your new driver on a manual shift car is finally getting the hang of driving, take the car to Conaway for a check up. Your clutch will appreciate it. Contact Conaway Motors today at (425) 905-2424 for Clutch Repair in Everett.