When the timing belt on your Nissan cracks or breaks, it is important to get this fixed as soon as possible. The experts at Conaway Motors offer authentic OEM parts and quality service, with experienced and friendly staff.

Never let your timing belt get to the point of breakage. It is highly recommended to have your timing belt inspected regularly in order to eliminate the chance of it breaking and leaving you stranded and without a vehicle. By the time that your timing belt has broken, it may already be too late and further damage may have incurred.

Our repairs staff can inspect your vehicle to determine what damage have occurred, and replace the timing belt to get you back on the road again quickly. Part of what sets our team apart is our committed staff. Our technicians are experienced in all makes and models and can recommend only the best services based on each individual vehicle or service required. All of the repairs we complete are backed by a 12 year and 12,000 mile warranty.

Whether your timing belt has broken, or you require inspection to avoid breakage, contact Conaway Motors for your Nissan Timing Belt Repair in Everett at 425-905-2424.