Noisy Car? We Can Help!

Noisy Car? We Can Help!

Can people hear you coming from a mile away because you are dragging your muffler behind you or is it gone completely, and your car rumbles along? Conaway Motors performs skilled muffler & exhaust repair services in Lynnwood.

Your Car’s Muffler and Exhaust System

When your car’s engine works, it releases many toxic fumes. If these fumes are released into the passenger cabin, you and your passengers could get sick. The exhaust system carries these fumes from the engine to the catalytic converter, purifying the exhaust and releasing it outside the car through the muffler. The muffler also puts a damper on all the engine and exhaust system noise.

What Could Go Wrong?

Sometimes the muffler becomes unattached from the car’s undercarriage, and it drags on the ground as you drive. The muffler will stop working, creating a scraping noise as you go, with it grating along on the road. It can be an easy fix just to reconnect and reattach it.

If you notice a terrible smell in your car, if your vehicle makes a rumbling noise as you drive, or if the gas mileage has decreased, these could all be signs that your muffler and exhaust system are not working correctly. The foul smell is especially troublesome because it could mean that the toxic engine gas is getting into the passenger area, and you are breathing it in.

Servicing Your Exhaust and Muffler

At Conaway Motors, we have skilled and experienced service people ready to perform muffler & exhaust repair services in Lynnwood. When we are done servicing your car, you’ll be able to enjoy an efficient, safe, noise-free drive. You’ll be able to breathe the fresh air and stop to fill up your gas tank less often. Call us today at (425) 905-2424