Not Just Any Oil Change by Conaway Motors

Not Just Any Oil Change by Conaway Motors

We all know that a car needs an oil change periodically so that it runs smoothly and efficiently. But at Conaway Motors, we don’t just do an oil change; we offer a complete oil change lube & filter service in Marysville.

What’s Involved

Motor oil isn’t the only fluid your car uses; the oil filter isn’t the only filter. Your engine also needs lubricant to control friction and wear, prevent rust, and cool the pistons. As part of our oil change lube & filter service, we will replace motor oil up to 5 quarts, replace the oil filter and lubricate the chassis.

In addition to that, we will check your brakes and ensure the brake fluid level is good. We’ll check and fill your coolant, and look at the air filter system, serpentine belts, and hoses. Will check your tire pressure and make sure there’s enough air in them, check and fill the battery fluid, power steering fluid, window washer fluid, and transmission fluid. 

A good suspension system is necessary for safely handling your car on the road. Your car’s suspension provides you with a smooth ride while keeping the wheels on the road as you go over bumps and tiny imperfections in the road. Our comprehensive service includes a suspension check.

Finally, we’ll do a visual inspection of the air filtration system of your car and check your car’s mileage to see what the manufacturer’s recommendations for service are.

Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

At Conaway Motors, our oil change lube & filter service in Marysville is performed by skilled and courteous mechanics with years of industry experience. Call us at (425) 905-2424 to schedule your appointment!