Oil Change Interval – What Shortens or Lengthens It?

oil change service in Lynnwood It may be confusing for some to determine when to have an oil change service in Lynnwood. While there are tools can “read” oil, it may help you to know of the factors and conditions that shorten or lengthen the interval in which an oil change should be completed.

What shortens this interval includes:

  1. Frequent short trips especially during cold temperatures where water and fuel tend to collect in the crankcase. Often, in such trips, the oil temperature is unable to attain proper thermostat setting.
  2. Motor oil using economy-grade filter may work not as lubricating means when cars are often driven on dusty roads, making the oil dirty which in turn boosts sludge formation and corrosion.
  3. Engines capable of high mileage (75 thousand miles or more) cause more un-burnt fuel, corrosive agents and blow-by gases in the crankcase oil.
  4. Driving in hot areas may cause premature oil oxidation, volatility issues and faster reduction of additive.

Diesel engines, blending of alcohol and gasoline are also some of the contributing factors and surprisingly even high oil consumption. While this is supposed to replenish additives, it may also be a reason for high combustion gases blow-by into the crankcase.

What helps lengthen the interval of oil change include:

  1. New engines with less oil consumption generating low levels of engine blow-by within the first few thousands of mileage.
  2. Regular oil inspections which is a proven way to determine oil issues at the earliest time.
  3. High quality synthetic lubricants because of their superb oxidation, thermal and shear stability

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