Conaway Motors Oil Change Service will help you maintain the value of your vehicle.

Our routine Oil & Lube Service includes Oil, Lube & our 16 point Safety Check:

  • Replace Oil with up to (5) quarts of quality motor oil
  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Lubricate Chassis
  • Check Brakes & Brake Fluid Level
  • Check & Fill Coolant
  • Check Air Filter System
  • Check Serpentine Belts
  • Check Hoses
  • Check & Fill Brake Fluid
  • Check & Fill Bettery Fluid
  • Check & Fill Power Steering Fluid
  • Check & Fill Tire Pressure
  • Check & Fill Window Washer Fluid
  • Check & Fill Transmission Fluid
  • Check Wiper Blades
  • Check Suspension

In addition, Conaway Motors will perform a complimentary visual inspection of your cars air filtration system and the vehicle manufacturer’s service recommendations based on your vehicle’s mileage.

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