Plan for Vacation with Auto Air Conditioning Service in Everett

If you are planning for a vacation, stop by Conaway Motors in Everett to get an over-all checkup for your vehicle, but especially for professional auto air conditioning service in Everett. Nothing can put a damper on your road-trip enjoyment quite as quickly as having the choice between open windows or slowly broiling in summer heat.

 Auto Air Conditioning Service in Everett

When you make Auto Air Conditioning Service part of your trip preparation, you not only increase your chance of having a pleasurable drive, you increase the efficiency of your automobile’s operation. An air conditioning unit that is operating at peak efficiency will consume about 4 horsepower while it is running.

This increases the load on your vehicle’s engine, and reduces fuel efficiency. Running your air conditioner can also increase the emissions from your exhaust pipe. When your unit is not at its best, the load increases, while comfort inside your automobile decreases because you are not getting the expected cool air.

Auto Air Conditioning systems have come a long way since the first units were built into luxury cars in 1953. While it might seem that if an A/C unit is increasing the load on your motor that the obvious answer is to open the windows to cool down, experimenters have learned that the drag on your vehicle from open windows has just as great an impact on your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

The best answer for your summer traveling comfort is to get you’re A/C unit serviced before driving in summer heat.

We take great pride in all our repair work, and it has earned for us an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. We specialize in European and Asian vehicles, but are also domestic rated as well. Customers can reach us at (425) 905-2424. Give us a call at Conway Motors, Inc. in Everett to schedule your auto air conditioning service in Everett today.