Post-Winter Weather Care for Your Volkswagen

Volkswagen service & repair shop near Snohomish

With the groundhog poking his nose out of his den, the frozen streams starting to trickle and little green things starting to bud, you might be thinking thoughts of getting a Volkswagen Microbus, painting it all over with your favorite symbols, and taking to the road. But before you do that, bring it over to Conaway Motors, your Volkswagen service & repair shop near Snohomish to get the parts under the hood checked out.

Spring is a super time to get the cobwebs out of your vehicle, no matter what make or model you might happen to be driving. Winter is tough on your car or truck. If you drive in an area that has a lot of ice or snow, the salt particles used to melt the snow can start creating little rust spots. Crunchy ice might scrape the undercarriage, abrading the drive chain and the muffler – and let’s not forget about the aggravation that water and ice can give brakes, wheels and similar moving parts. No doubt, if you love your vehicle, you’ve been keeping up with oil changes, but it will soon be time to change over to summer weight oil and bug scrubbing window washers – to say nothing of checking out that air conditioner!

Whether your ride is a Volkswagen Microbus or a sweet, little googly-eyed bug, let us help you get it ready for summer on the road. Conaway Motors, at (425)905-2424, is your Volkswagen service & repair shop near Snohomish. We specialize in European and Asian made vehicles, but we can help out with your Ford, Chevy or Dodge, as well. We understand cars, and we know that often they are more to you than just your way to work. We are ready to help with keeping your favorite ride road worthy.