Prevent Car Repair in Mill Creek

Prevent Car Repair in Mill CreekConaway Motors would like to make some suggestions about how to prevent car repair in Mill Creek. Now, that is not to say that car repair isn’t a necessity – sometimes it is. Some repairs, as your vehicle grows older and receives wear, are almost inevitable. But keeping up on the little things can prevent problems from bigger things.

For example, consider windshield wipers. Certainly, a vehicle will start and run without them. But they are important to safety. Wiper blades that leave streaks on the window impair visibility, increasing the possibility of having an accident during rainy weather. Wipers blades need to be replaced at least once per year, and might to be replaced more often under some circumstances. The cost is moderate compared to other parts, but they can save you a mint in fender-benders. Tires is another thing that needs replaced often enough to be considered a consumable. Having good tread on your tires increases stopping power and increases traction. Stopping power, again, can help avoid accidents. Checking the oil level, and getting the oil changed – along with the oil filter, diminishes the amount of wear on the motor. Changing fuel and air filters also helps keep dust and gunk from clogging up vital parts of your vehicle. These are things that have a moderate cost, especially when compared to the kinds of repair that is being prevented.

Conaway Motors can help prevent auto repair in Mill Creek, just call (425)905-2424 to schedule a regular maintenance check. We can’t prevent the other drivers from doing crazy things, such as texting and driving, but we can help you with the routine things that improve drivability and reduce wear. No one can promise to prevent all repairs, but we can reduce the probability that your vehicle will have a mechanical problem.