Quality Porsche Service & Repair Shop Near Kirkland

Porsche service & repair shop near Kirkland

Conaway Motors is proud to be  your Porsche service & repair shop near Kirkland. Nothing says success quite like owning and driving a Porsche. These finely made vehicles are built to last. Whether you own an older model, or you have one of the more recent ones, with all the bells and whistles, we have the tools, the knowledge, and the diagnostic equipment needed to keep your car purring.

If you are a Porsche owner you probably are a fan of the Porsche Facebook page. Following the Porsche Facebook page is convenient for vehicle owners who might want to follow current trends, racing history, or even pick up on recalls. We are pleased to say that the latter are few for Porsche. However, the current Porsche Facebook page (November 13, 2017)  does feature pictures of racing Porsches and a fun advertising video featuring the pit crew and the 718 Boxster. It is followed up with a temperature test involving the Porsche motor. As every automobile owner knows, extreme heat changes challenge vehicles. The video indicates that Porsche operates well in all temperatures. This is followed up by a fun video featuring the Porsche sound system – because what is a good vehicle without a super soundtrack? Just like you, we keep up with what’s happening in the Porsche world, so we can continue to offer you the best service.

Conaway Motors is proud to be your Porsche service & repair shop near Kirkland, call us at (425)905-2424 when your Porsche needs its regular checkup. We are confident that we can keep it humming. Porsche has a unique cachet. We know that as a Porsche owner, you are unique as well. We count it as a privilege to be your road crew, and to help keep your Porsche operating at its peak efficiency. All things wear out – even Porsches. But we’d like to help you put that day off for as many years as is possible.