While it can feel like an inconvenience to have to take your car to the shop for the recommended 30-60-90K routine maintenance services, the fact of the matter is that it is necessary to maintain your vehicle to ensure it is running properly. In addition, without having these recommended services, you could potentially void your auto warranty.

Vehicles have a large number of auto parts and systems that work together in order to operate and run efficiently and consistently. With the 30-60-90K Service in Everett, you can ensure that your vehicle performs well while maintaining the maximum level of safety when you’re behind the wheel. Foregoing the 30-60-90K routine maintenance services can lead to grave damage as well as unnecessary expensive repairs.

What to Expect with Our 30-60-90K Service in Everett:

  • Full Service Oil Change
  • Replacement and/or Refilling All Fluids
  • Inspecting and Replacing All Air Filters – Fuel, Cabin, Air, Oil, etc.
  • Alignment and Rotation of Tires, Including Pressure Check
  • Full Brake and Suspension System Inspections
  • Replacement of Belts, Gears, Spark Plugs, and Other Necessary Components

We here at Conaway Motors in Everett understand how important your vehicle is to you. We are aware that the best possible way to guarantee maximum mileage for your vehicle, without major part failures is with routine car maintenance at 30-60-90K miles. These regularly scheduled maintenance checks are recommended by your vehicle manufacturer to keep your vehicle in top running condition and on the road for years to come.

Stop by, or contact Conaway Motors today at 425-905-2424 to schedule your Everett 30-60-90K Service appointment.