Signs You Need Brake Service in Everett

Brake Service in EverettMost people put their vehicle’s braking system on the back burner as it isn’t one of the components that can be easily seen. It is important that you be able to recognize potential signs of brake problems to ensure that your vehicle does not suffer further damage to the brake system. Your brake system is one of the most critically important parts of your vehicle, as it is integral to keep it in perfect condition with routine brake service in Everett to ensure it keeps you and your passengers safe on the road. Here are signs to look for that indicate that your car needs brake service as soon as possible:


  • A vibration sensation in the steering wheel and through the brake pedal when you push down on the brake.
  • Your vehicle pulling to one side or the other when you push down on the brake.
  • Squealing, squeaking or other odd noises when you try to stop your vehicle.
  • Your brake pedal feels less effective than usual and takes more pushing to get your vehicle to come to a complete stop.

If any of these symptoms arise while you are driving your vehicle, you need brake service immediately. Driving with a failing brake system is not worth your safety. For quality and affordable brake service in Everett, contact Conaway Motors at 425-905-2424.