Smoke Signals and Winter Exhaust Repair in Everett

Conaway Motors has the well-trained mechanics that you need to keep up with winter exhaust repair in Everett. Your exhaust system takes a beating in the winter when it is often splashed with freezing slush, salt from road clearing efforts, and even chunks of ice. We can even read the smoke signals your vehicle is sending up through your exhaust system, and we can help you with any repairs resulting from those messages.

Exhaust Repair in Everett

You are probably already aware that vehicles put out a plume of visible exhaust in winter. All vehicles with cold engines are likely to display white, gray or even black smoke when first started. However, as the vehicle warms up, this vapor plume should quickly dissipate. The vapor at start-up is caused by moisture having condensed in the cooling motor. If the dense plume persists after the motor is warm, it is an indication that repairs might be needed. Blue smoke is an indication that there is an oil leak somewhere, and that oil is being burned along with the gasoline. Black or gray smoke is an indication that there is a problem with the circulatory system – such as a clogged air filter or the choke or fuel injection not working properly.  White smoke indicates that coolant is making its way into the fuel system – and the vehicle owner might also notice water dripping from the exhaust pipe. Each of these “smoke signals” is an indication that your vehicle needs maintenance.

If your vehicle is sending up smoke signals and needs winter exhaust repair in Everett, call Conaway Motors at (425)905-2424. We have the expertise and the equipment to respond to your vehicle’s cry for help. We can repair your exhaust and stop the smoke signals.