Spring Air Conditioning Service in Everett

At Conaway Motors, we know that when there are still patches of snow in the shade, vehicle owners aren’t really thinking about spring air conditioning service in Everett. But Punxsutawney Phil has officially predicted an early spring, and it is no fun to be caught unprepared for those first bright, sunny days.

Air Conditioning Service in Everett

Not everyone is planning to emulate Jack Kerouac and take to the open road, but there is nothing more likely to cause “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” than bright spring sunlight beating down on a car in rush hour traffic with no air conditioner. Everett is a good, long way from Vegas, but spring is also a great time for vacationing – before the serious tourist crowd fills up popular vacation spots, as is likely to happen as soon as the elementary and high schools release their students for summer. Which brings up another scenario where a good vehicle air conditioner is almost a must. If you are the soccer parent or scout leader, there is nothing worse than three same-age youngsters in the back seat, protesting the lack of breathable air. Duct tape boundaries between seating spaces notwithstanding, it is a mental space to terrify the most stalwart!

Conaway Motors is prepared to help you get ahead of the rush with spring air conditioning service in Everett. Just give us a call at (425)905-2424 to get your air conditioner checked today, and we will see what it will take to have you riding in cool comfort when the sun begins to get serious about warming things up. Our seasoned professionals will have you ready to channel your inner Kerouac in no time – in comfort, no fear or loathing or duct tape involved.