Spring Forward with Auto Service in Mill Creek

Hello, friends and neighbors from Conaway Motors. It is almost time to spring forward with auto service in Mill Creek. Yes, it will soon be time to get up an hour earlier instead of drowsing away those first rosy hours before dawn. That means it is also a good time to get all the winter dirt, grime, and wear that has accumulated in your vehicle taken care of.

Auto Service in Mill Creek


Spring is a fantastic time to give your car some thorough care. You might start out with a visit to the local car wash – including a proper belly wash to get all the salt and crud off the underside of your vehicle. You can’t see the accumulation down there like you can on the outside of your vehicle, but a combination of salty water and dirt can add stress to vehicle parts such as the casing for your transmission and the exhaust system. Next, bring it on it to get a complete once-over.  This can include checking the compression, changing the oil, getting nice, clean filters to replace the old ones, and taking a look at hoses and seals. It is also a good time to check the air conditioner and change the filter for the air that comes into your vehicle’s passenger compartment.

Conaway Motors would like to remind our friends and neighbors that much as we might dread setting our clocks ahead, it will soon be time to spring forward with auto service in Mill Creek. Give us a call at (425)905-2424, if you are ready to give your car a thorough spring cleaning. We will be glad to look it over thoroughly and to do our part in getting your vehicle ready for summer. Don’t lose your chance to use that extra hour for something fun!