Spring is a good time for your 60K Mile Service in Lake Stevens

60K mile service in Lake StevensConaway Motors celebrates the idea that spring is a good time for your 60K mile service in Lake Stevens. Think of it as a sort of super spring cleaning for your vehicle.

Winter is hard on vehicles. In areas where snow and ice are common, the slush and salts from roadways can corrode and rust the undercarriage of your vehicle. Cold weather places an extra strain on your battery and other parts of the electrical system. Filters of all sorts have had several months of work, straining the dirt and grit out of your vehicle’s carburetor, fuel, and oil. Your 60K mile service will include checking all of those things and changing out the things that are due to be changed. It will also include those things that go with a regular safety check, such as examining the brakes and the exhaust system. Your auto mechanic (that could be us) will have a checklist of all the things that need to happen at your 60K checkup. If you are one of our regular customers, we will also have record of previous service visits and repairs and we will know your vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses.

Conway Motors would like to help you celebrate spring with your 60K mile service in Lake Stevens, just give us a call at (425)905-2424. We will give your vehicle the spring cleaning that it needs to function well throughout the coming summer months. We believe that summer should be your time to be able to get away, not a time to deal with unexpected or preventable repairs. Your 60K service checkup will help prevent your summer vacation being spent in an auto mechanic’s waiting area.