Spring is the Time for Auto Air Conditioning Service

auto air conditioning service in MarysvilleEven though we have a couple more weeks of winter, spring is just around the corner. It will definitely be a welcome sight. Spring is a great time to schedule your auto air conditioning service in Marysville. The expert mechanics at Conaway Motors are ready to prepare your vehicle for the warm weather to come – before you need it. You’ll be far happier now with this service completed than when you’re sweating inside your car in the heat of the summer.

We will check all areas of your car’s air conditioning system to ensure that everything is in working order and in good shape. We will inspect the belts to make sure they are in excellent condition, compressor, condenser, all hoses, evaporator, fuses, temperature control vents inside the unit, bolts are tightened and the caps are in place on the service ports. Our technicians will examine common areas where refrigerant leaks can be spotted and clean the condenser. We will notify you of any parts that need repair or replacement.

If there are issues discovered during your auto air conditioning service, Conaway Motors is well-equipped to make timely and affordable repairs or replace parts that are beyond mending.  Trust Conaway Motors for your auto air conditioning service. Call us for an appointment at 425-905-2424 now so that you don’t have to worry later.