Step on the Gas in Snohomish

Step on the Gas in Snohomish

If you are like most people, you don’t think about fuel system service very often. It’s not something that is considered required maintenance that must be done at regular intervals. But this service could improve your car’s performance and durability. Thinking about car maintenance may not be super exciting, but having a car that runs well is important. Conaway Motors can answer all your questions about fuel system service in Snohomish.

How Does a Fuel System Work?

The fuel system controls the fuel that goes into the engine when you step on the gas. Ideally, a cone-shaped spray will be delivered to the engine. This spray is easier to ignite than a steady stream would be. The gas passes through a filter from the gas tank to the engine. The gas must be clean inside the engine to do its job well.

What Can Go Wrong With the Fuel System?

If moisture collects in the gas tank, the gas will be watered down and not as effective. Filters could get clogged, which would deliver dirty gas to the engine. Valves, fuel lines, the throttle body, the fuel injector, and fuel sensors can all get clogged with debris, carbon, or various fuel additives. This clogging slows the system down and can introduce impurities into the engine.

Indications of Fuel System Problems

There are several ways that your car can tell you that the fuel system needs service. It might start roughly. It could have slow acceleration and a delayed response when you hit the gas pedal. Your car could also shudder when it is idling or lose power when going uphill or when you are towing something.

Conaway Motors Can Help

If you experience any of these problems, visit Conaway Motors for a fuel system service in Snohomish. Better yet, come to us before you experience issues, so your car runs all the time smoothly. We will clean the system, replace filters or other parts, and ensure the gas tank doesn’t have water. For better engine performance, increased efficiency, and long-term engine health, call us today at (425) 905-2424.