Summer Exhaust Service in Mukilteo

Summer Exhaust Service in MukilteoAt Conaway Motors we would like to emphasize the importance of summer exhaust service in Mukilteo. Keeping your exhaust system in good working order is important at any season, but it is especially valuable during summer.

The reasons why exhaust service is especially important in summer begins, of course, with air quality. Your exhaust system does two important things for the environment: it reburns the fumes from internal combustion and it reduces the noise produced by your vehicle while it is running. In summer, heat increases the amount of dust and pollen in the air; adding fumes from automobiles and factories creates an atmospheric condition that has come to be known as smog. In low-lying areas, such as the LA basin, it can become sufficiently thick as to create health-threatening conditions. Even though Mukilteo is a ways from LA, we all live on the same planet. Air doesn’t respect boundaries. During summer, people like to reduce their home cooling bill by opening windows and doors. No one loves to have the quiet of a residential neighborhood shattered by the loud roar of an engine with a bad muffler – nor do they want the fumes from it blowing in through their window. A third reason for exhaust service is to make sure that your catalytic converter, the device that reburns the fumes from the initial combustion, is in good working order. Not only does it contribute to cleaner air, it helps make your vehicle more energy efficient.

If you are ready for your summer exhaust service in Mukilteo, give us a call at (425)905-2424. We’ll be glad to make sure that yours is working properly from manifold to tail pipe, and all in between. After all, we live one the same planet as everyone else.