Take the Mystery out of Car Repair in Marysville

At Conaway Motors, we would like to take the mystery out of car repair in Marysville. If you are not familiar with what goes on under the hood of your car, it can be pretty daunting when it smokes, steams, or starts leaking some sort of fluid. Worse yet, no one loves to have a car stop running properly when  you are miles from anywhere, or in the middle of a busy street. Turning the key on a cold morning and not getting a response isn’t much fun, either.

Car Repair in Marysville

We can help with all of those things. First of all, regular maintenance can head off a lot of repairs. An oil change, and keeping the oil topped up, for example can prevent the pistons from sticking – an event that can result in having to get a new motor. Second, bring your car to us when it first starts making that funny noise or when it just doesn’t seem to have much power when passing. We can use diagnostic machine to look for the problem – and hopefully, repair it while it is still minimal. Third, take care of your seasonal maintenance, such as getting the right oil for the season and getting your antifreeze/coolant checked. Fourth, keep our number tucked in your visor – because we know that no one loves being stuck at the side of the road in a vehicle that isn’t running.

At Conaway Motors, we can take the mystery out of car repair in Marysville. Give us a call at (425)905-2424 if your vehicle is making a funny noise or if you still need to take care of seasonal maintenance. Our well-trained mechanics will do their best to discover whether or not your vehicle needs repair.