There’s More to Your Brakes Than Your Brakes

brake service in MarysvilleStopping your vehicle is just as important – or even more important – than starting your vehicle. Put in the simplest terms, when you apply pressure to the brake pedal, that force is transmitted through the brake fluid to the brakes using friction, which in turn stops your car. Smoothly operating brakes through regular brake service can mean the difference between a safe stop at a red light and a crash in the intersection.

Your vehicle’s brake system is composed of many parts that work together for those moments when you really need to stop. When something is wrong, there many different components that might not be operational for any number of reasons. These include: the master cylinder, brake lines, brake fluid reservoir, brake caliper, brake piston, rotors, pads, power or vacuum booster, hoses, drums, shoes, brake fluid, anti-lock brake system (ABS), wheel bearings and wheel cylinder.

Any one part that doesn’t operate properly can cause problems with your brakes. Old and dirty brake fluid allows for poor brake response. Periodic maintenance of the brake system is important so that your brakes work efficiently and correctly. Conaway Motors offers brake service in Marysville.

Call the Conaway Motors service department today at 425-905-2424 to schedule an appointment with our expert brake technicians for your next brake service in Marysville. We will inspect every aspect of your brake system to ensure proper function and will repair or replace parts when required. Our brake service is timely and affordable.