Time for Emission Service in Marysville

Conaway Motors reminds vehicle owners that if it has been a while, it might be time for emission service in Marysville.

Emission Service in Marysville


Emission service will check items such as your air filters, your catalytic converter, muffler and tail pipe. It will also check the connection between the manifold and the rest of the system. An emission service check is part of responsible vehicle ownership. While electric vehicles might be an ideal solution to the pollution problem, most are not up to the daily requirements of a busy individual or family. Those which are, have prices that exceed most ordinary budgets. However, keeping up with maintenance on your vehicle can reduce harmful emissions and even help your vehicle to run better. For example, a vehicle that is putting off a plume of black smoke is burning oil as well as gasoline. That means that there is an oil leak somewhere in your motor. Such leaks are not only a source of pollution – both as emissions and as the dripping oil underneath your car – they are a sign that the motor needs either repaired or replaced very soon. Not only will an oil leak increase your cost of operation through purchase of extra oil and even through loss of gas mileage, it can cause a piston to jam or a rod to extrude through the motor wall.

Conaway Motors can take care of your emission service in Marysville. Call us at (425)905-2424 either for routine maintenance or to troubleshoot those warning signs. Our knowledgeable mechanics will be happy to run diagnostics, create an estimate and take care of repairs – as needed. Our job is to keep you on the road so you can do your job.