Time for Your Fuel System Service in Lake Stevens

Conaway Motors can make time for your fuel system service in Lake Stevens. As spring 2016 approaches, gas prices are low and the weather will soon be warm and the roads inviting. Whether you decide to take a vacation day and visit a local attraction or get in your motor home and tour the U.S., having your fuel system in tip-top shape will make your event more pleasant.

Fuel System Service in Lake Stevens

Your fuel system begins with the fuel cap and ends inside your motor. In between there is the tank, the hoses that run to the carburetor and the carburetor itself. There is also a fuel filter, and the air filters in the carburetor can affect fuel efficiency. A fuel system service includes changing the filters, checking all flexible hoses and seals, and possibly even flushing out the tank. Gasoline, if allow to set for any amount of time, develops a gluey substance. For example, if a gas container, such as the ones used for lawn mowers, has a small amount of gasoline left in it at the end of the season a sort of sticky sludge will develop in the bottom of the can. This can happen in your gas tank, too, especially in vehicles that are not driven every day.

Conaway Motors recommends a fuel system service in Lake Stevens before you travel very far from your home. It will help your vehicle to run efficiently, and can even extend your miles per gallon – which, of course, will put more money in your pocket to make your commute or your vacation more pleasant. Just call (425)905-2424 to set up your service appointment. Your vehicle will thank you by giving better performance.