Time to Bring Your Car in for Brake Repair Service near Lake Stevens?

Time to Bring Your Car in for Brake Repair Service near Lake Stevens?

Regardless of how little or how much you know about automotive repairs and services, you know that your brakes are some of the most important elements of your car. Therefore, you need to take care of them and maintain them to the best of your abilities. Luckily, Conaway Motors has your back when it comes to brake repair service near Lake Stevens.

There are signs that your brakes might 1) need a checkup or 2) might be going bad. Some of those signs might include:

  • Your brake light comes on or flickers on/off.
  • Squealing or grinding noises.
  • Wobbles, vibrations, or scrapes that you can hear or feel when braking.
  • Delayed brakes, especially when you press down almost to the floor. This one is a serious sign, and you need to call on brake repair services immediately.

How Often Should Your Brakes Be Changed?

On average, brakes would need to be replaced every 25,000 to 50,000 miles, dependent on the drive, make and model, and wear. Brake pads wear at different intervals, while the replacement of rotors is dependent upon thickness and durability.

Do Brakes Show Signs of Wear at the Same Rate Every Time?

Yes! Brakes wear at different rates. For example, a mail carrier’s brakes will need to be changed more frequently than someone that spends less time in their car. The rate of wear on your brakes is dependent on the use of your brakes. If you make frequent stops, rigid stops, then your car might need brake replacements more frequently than others.

Your brakes are essential to your vehicle, so they need to be in top-notch condition and well-maintained. For more information on brake repair service near Lake Stevens, give Conaway Motors a buzz – (425) 905-2424. We are happy to answer your questions!