Tips For Porsche Service and Repair in Lynnwood

Porsche Service & Repair in Lynnwood
Porsche Service & Repair in Lynnwood

Every car enthusiast has a red Porsche on their ‘wish list.’ For those lucky enough to get one, our Porsche repair and service facility want you to enjoy your ride and not have you bring your car to us with an avoidable and expensive repair. For certified Porsche Repair Lynnwood residents can count on Conaway Motors in Everett Washington. In order to keep your Porsche in tip-top condition we offer the following tips:

  1. Faithfully follow the manufacturer’s service schedule. If your car routinely is driven in harsh conditions, you may need to have maintenance performed more often. Drop by to discuss with us how your car is used and find out if you need to do more frequent maintenance than the factory suggests.
  2. Read your owner’s manual and learn what your instruments and warning lights are telling you. Porsches have sophisticated technology, the gauges and lights are indicators of potential lights. If a gauge readings is abnormal or a warning light comes on, your car should be brought to us as soon as possible. It may be that you only need additional fluid or a fluid changed. Doing so promptly will avoid an expensive repair because you ran out of a fluid.
  3. Learn how your car sounds when it is running properly. Your Porsche has a distinctive sound when it is running healthy, if the sound of your running Porsche changes it could be a signal that something is wrong. Bring it to us, our certified Porsche technicians have the right diagnostic equipment and the correct parts to diagnose and correct any problem.
  4. Porsche Boxsters and 996s are known to suffer from shaft bearing failure. However, in most instance your car will let you know in advance that trouble is brewing. Failing shaft bearings emit a low rumbling sound before total failure and the need for rebuilding your engine occur. If your water-cooled Porsche starts to rumble, bring it to our Porsche repair and service facility without delay.
  5. Porsche electric window regulators sometimes fail. they do usually give warning though. Windows will squeal or shriek when being raised or lowered. If strange noise start coming from one of the windows when you raise or lower it, leave it in the closed position until it can be serviced. This way if you drive in foul weather or park overnight, the window will not fail in the open position and your vehicle is protected.
  6. For some reason, OEM brakes on Porsches are subject to failure. Heat is thought to be the cause. Once again, a good ear will warn you that your brakes need service or repair. They will screech or squeal when applied. If this happens, bring the car to us as soon as you can. We can do a normal brake service before you also need expensive brake system repairs.

Porsches are well made, rugged cars. They are filled with complex technology. As they are machines they will fail unless they are well-maintained. Our Porsche repair and service shop is the place for first-rate service at affordable prices. For Porsche Service Lynnwood residents can contact the Conaway Motors certified Porsche repair & service team.