To Flush or Not to Flush (Your Transmission, That is) – Conaway Motors Transmission Fluid Replacement

Should you have your transmission flushed, or have the ATF replaced. Two completely different methods of exchanging spent transmission fluid in your car. Your Everett Transmission Experts at Conaway Motors discusses both options.

Transmission Fluid Replacement

The physical design of the multiple components of a vehicle’s transmission make it extremely difficult to remove the entire quantity of transmission fluid. A car’s transmission holds approximately 15 quarts of fluid. By removing the transmission pan and filter, you only drain about 1/3 of the total spent fluid. To replace the entire quantity of transmission fluid requires time, patience and determination.

As you can see, this is a very messy procedure, which is why most folks opt to have transmission specialists flush the ATF in their vehicle. This process replaces nearly all the ATF in your transmission. If the spent fluid was exceptionally dark or filled with excessive debris, it is advised that you have Everett Transmission Specialists at Conaway Motors perform a thorough inspection of your transmission.

Transmission Flush

A strongly recommended alternative to removing a portion of your vehicle’s ATF is to have the Transmission Experts at Conaway Motors completely flush spent fluid from the transmission. The process is designed to use the car’s pump to remove all spent fluid. The benefits of a transmission flush include (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Extended Life of Your Car’s Transmission – with regular flushing and replacement of your car’s transmission fluid, the technician will detect potential wear problems before catastrophic failure. Generally, every 30,000 to 50,000 miles your car’s transmission should be flushed.
  • Removes Excessive Debris – by flushing the entire transmission, any sediment that can harm the components is removed.
  • Keeps Transmission Running Cool – as transmission fluid is used, the cooling and lubricating properties decrease. With regular replacement of the entire volume of the fluid, your car will continue to cool properly.
  • Can Indicate Impending Failure – especially with regard to extended life transmission fluid. Inspection of removed fluid can help determine impending catastrophic failure; if there is excessive debris or burned fluid, there may be a serious problem within the transmission.
Always follow manufacturer’s recommendations regarding transmission flush! 

Choosing the Best Transmission Fluid for Your Car

The Master Mechanics at Conaway Motors will replace your ATF per manufacturer recommendations. If deemed preferable, it may be advised that you replace the fluid with a synthetic, long-lasting ATF . While the synthetics may cost a bit more, the added life and cooling properties are well worth the cost.

Filter Replacement & Clean Pan

During an transmission service or flush, it is strongly advised that the pan be dropped for a thorough inspection. Some transmission pans have a magnet to attract ferrous metallic debris – this must be kept clear of excess debris to be effective. If excessive debris is found in the pan, this could indicate a serious problem within the transmission. The expert technicians at Conaway Motors can advise the best plan of action in such cases.

Most vehicles have a separate transmission fluid filter inside the pan that should be replaced with every service or flush. Generally the gasket should be completely removed and replaced as well.