Top 4 Reasons for European Automobile’s 30K-60K-90K Services

Maintaining your European Automobile will keep it in optimum running condition. Aside from regular oil changes, the technicians at Conaway Motors strongly advise that you adhere to your car’s maintenance schedule. Most European Automobiles follow the standard 30-60-90 K Service schedule. The experts at Conaway Motors have compiled the top 10 reasons to follow your car’s 30-60-90K service schedule.

1. Extend the Life of Your Automobile

Routine maintenance and servicing, according to manufacture’s recommendations will extend the life of your car’s engine and keep all the components in peak operating condition. Additionally, by following all maintenance schedules as outlined in your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual, you will sustain the manufacturer’s warranty. Finally, proper maintenance will also increase the resale value of your vehicle.

2. Maintains Efficiency

Regular maintenance and scheduled services (specifically the 30-60-90K services) assures that all fluids and filters are replaced as needed. Additionally, as belts wear, the operation of your vehicle suffers; the major services require an inspection of belts and replacement as indicated. All hoses are also inspected and repaired/replaced as indicated. Maximum efficiency also assures reduced harmful emissions. As the major services also includes adjustment/inspection/repair/replacement of the components of the fuel system, your vehicle will remain efficient. Increased  efficiency also decreases the cost to operate your vehicle. By maintaining the transmission and fuel systems, your vehicle’s power will remain at optimum levels.

3. Maintains Safety

Regular inspection of your vehicle’s tires will assures safe driving. Also, regular inspection of your brake components will eliminate potential catastrophic failure. Because the external lights are inspected and replaced as indicated, your vehicle will be safer on the road. Finally, the technicians at Conaway Motors will inspect your windshield wipers and blades and repair/replace as indicated.

4. Maintains Handling of Vehicle

With regular servicing of your vehicle’s transmission, the designed handling will be maintained. Routine service of the tires, brakes and fuel system also effect the handling of your vehicle. With the recommended power steering fluid flush at 30,000 mile intervals, handling will certainly be maintained.

Tips for Car Care

  • Replace transmission filter at 30,000 mile intervals
  • Change oil/filter every 3,000 miles or 3-months of operation
  • Lubricate chassis each time the oil is changed
  • Replace plugs at 30,000 mile intervals
  • Replace fuel filter at 35,000-40,000 mile intervals
  • Replace timing belt at 60,000 mile intervals
  • Flush coolant at 2 year/24,000 mile intervals for regular fluid
  • Flush coolant at 5 year/50,000 mile intervals for extended life fluid
  • Align vehicle at 15,000-20,000 mile intervals
  • Flush brake fluid when discolored – about every 2-years
  • Flush Power Steering Fluid when discolored – about every 2 years
  • Fuel Injection Service at 40,000 mile intervals
  • Clean throttle bore plate at 20,000 mile intervals
  • Service air induction at 20,000 mile intervals
Basic Car Care

The Everett European Car Care Specialists at Conaway Motors recommend that you check the oil level in your vehicle at minimum, once a week. A good rule of thumb is to check your oil level every time you get fuel. Keeping an eye on the oil will alert you to any problems before catastrophic failure. Another fluid that should be checked on a regular basis is the Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). Conaway Motor’s technicians recommend checking the ATF level on your vehicle (if applicable) once per month.

Remember: if the brake light is illuminated on your dashboard – this is an indication that your vehicle’s brakes need serviced! Do not remove the brake fluid cap, as this can introduce moisture into the brake system. Always have the Brake Spcecialists at Conaway Motors inspect your car’s brake system should the warning lamp illuminate!