Top 5 Most Common Options For Car Repair Service In Bothell

Top 5 Most Common Options For Car Repair Service In Bothell

Maintaining your car is a huge part of owning a vehicle. There are several routine service options that you need to make sure you have done regularly. By keeping up with your car repair service in Bothell, you can ensure your car stays around for the long haul. Here are the top five most common service options for all vehicles.

Oil and Filter Change

While you’ve probably skipped a change or two, this is a very critical aspect of keeping up with your vehicle. Regular oil and filter changes affect the performance of the vehicle. It can also help you find issues with your engine early on.

Replace The Air Filter

If you start to notice an odor in your car, it could be that your air filter needs to be changed. When the air filter is dirty, it cannot perform its job, and the engine suffers. You can usually have this done at the same time as your oil change.


Another aspect that has to be maintained properly is your tires. Rotating and balancing them on a regular basis will help them to last longer. However, you do not want to drive when your tread is low. Keep them in check as they are a pivotal point of your safety and performance.


A regular tune-up can help you keep on top of the engine and moving components of your car. This is a regular service that keeps your vehicle running for longer.


Keeping your car aligned is pivotal in making your vehicle perform correctly. A car that is out of alignment will wear your tires unevenly and also cause front end parts to be damaged.

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