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When it comes to the world’s greatest car manufacturers, there is one name that stands out and that’s Cadillac. It is a name that has become synonymous with American culture and history. Driving a Cadillac was a symbol of refined excellence, power, and luxury that was second to none. It has continued to hold its positive reputation among competitors and is still one of the best-selling domestic brands. At Conaway Motors, we provide access to the best Cadillac repair & service for top-tier results.

Our Repairs Include:

  • Suspension Service
  • Oil Changes
  • In-Depth Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Engine Repairs
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Timing Belt Repairs
  • General Maintenance
  • And More!


We Install All Major Cadillac OEM Parts and Accessories When Available


The nuances of Cadillac’s developing years started under the tutelage of Samuel Colt. He was one of the most revered gunmakers at the time and is well-regarded for his work in the industry. Henry M. Leland (Cadillac Founder) took the time to learn under Colt’s wing to get a gist of specific designs, tools, and intricacies associated with engineering. All of these lessons that were picked up with Samuel Colt ended up being the foundation for Leland’s success designing vehicles. His talent took him to places, as he was able to work on an Oldsmobile and tweak things such as the single-cylinder engine. His changes help overpower the engine and crank it up to 10.3 horsepower, which at the time was incredible.

This is a part of Cadillac’s motto now and it continues to pay attention to these nuances with all of its design work. At Conaway Motors, we appreciate what Cadillac has brought to the world of automobiles and regularly study its various makes/models. This is a part of our quality control process to offer seamless repairs that are quick, simple, and safe. Cadillac owners wanting the best in the business can trust our technicians to have sound knowledge of their vehicle.

Cadillac has set new standards throughout the years including the application of special tools while designing its models. For example, it all started with the use of specific Swedish tools that were brought over from the nation back to America. Leland wanted to make sure his vehicles stood out and this had to be done with the use of these top-tier tools. His innovative ways led to the Dewar Trophy, which is heralded as the peak reward in the automotive industry.

His real claim to fame aside from the power output was the cabin. It was designed to be ultra quiet, safe, and comfortable. This was something Cadillac stood for and it showed through the earliest designs in 1920. Leland wanted to not only demonstrate high power levels but also do it while keeping the driver cozy. With the addition of the counterbalanced crankshaft, he was able to make this happen. The modern-day Cadillac is renowned for being super quiet and a joy to rid in for all passengers.

At Conaway Motors, we offer a wide array of services on various Cadillac makes and models to ensure our clients are happy.

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