Eagle Auto Repair and Service Shop in Everett WA

Eagle is one of those automakers that had an incredible rise during its prime and became a major part of Chrysler Corporation. It was purchased by American Motors Corporation (1987) and was designed to act as a high-powered luxury vehicle that could appeal to everyone. It was a car enthusiast’s dream and continues to be seen from time to time. While Eagle is now defunct, it’s passion for automotive excellence continues on to this day and that’s a big reason for its past success. Conaway Motors shows its love for Eagle vehicles by ensuring clients receive access to top Eagle repair & service.

We Install All Major OEM Parts and Accessories When Available


Our Repairs Include:

  • Oil Changes
  • Engine Repair and Replacement
  • Tire Rotation and Balancing
  • Timing Belt Repairs
  • Battery Replacement
  • And More!

At the time Eagle was set up to appeal to car enthusiasts, it had an eagle drawn up to flow with the rest of its brand image. The AMC Eagle was the source of inspiration for the company as it took the name from it. Over time, this name was plastered on several different models made by the company. In 1988, Eagle had been established and was now selling the AMC Eagle crossover with its emblem. The goal was to take the power of marketing and spread the word about this uniquely designed vehicle. While it remained in tough against some of the lead competitors, it did end up impressing car lovers with the high-powered metrics. To get the word out, the Eagle brand set up dealers with local dealerships (Dodge, Chrysler) to place their vehicles on the lot. This helped garner new sales and the brand was able to turn a profit on its designs.

While it was doing well in the late 80s and early 90s, Eagle was able to come up with a wide array of models including the Eagle Wagon, Eagle Premier, Eagle Medallion, and Eagle Summit to name a few. These vehicles were unique because they had differing appearances and brought something different to the mix. It wasn’t about setting one type of vehicle and running the business for Eagle. The company was looking to find a home run and make sure its concept car was launched.

The brand is no longer selling vehicles in America but it remains a tangible domestic brand that has earned praise for its efforts. Car enthusiasts from around the nation rock their Eagle cars and believe in the power. For those vehicle owners, it’s best to speak to one of our technicians at Conaway Motors to have appropriate repair work done as soon as possible. We are well equipped to handle the detailed intricacies of Eagle models better than anyone else. Most technicians on the market won’t even know what an Eagle car is! We do and we are going to make sure the repair work is seamless.

Speak with one of our certified mechanics at Conaway Motors by calling (425)905-2424 for world-class Eagle repair & service. This is an opportunity to maximize the vehicle and bring it to life.